Valentine's Day Jewelry Promotion

Valentine's Day Jewelry Promotion

Challenge: The client was challenged by their retailer to develop creative packaging for their product in efforts to win shelf space for a Valentine's Day promotion.

Project Engineering:

  • Richardson consulted their in-house creative team to develop product packaging and corresponding display options that were not only impactful, but adhered to retailer guidelines and were cost effective.
  • Designers incorporated the client's logos and product shots with a trendy "crackle" pattern to provide impact.  Initial renderings were supplied to the client to present to their retailer.
  • Several rounds of mockups were produced to test structural integrity, color consistencies with PDQ display and sizing, as client was sourcing product insert overseas.
  • Packaging was produced via offset printing and PDQ displays were direct flexo printed.

Success Points:

  • Richardson's design team was able to maintain color consistency between 4-color process offset printing of packaging and direct 1-color PMS flexo printing on the PDQ displays.
  • Retailer was very happy with the overall design of the program and awarded our client prime shelf space for the Valentine's Day promotion!
  • Client was very happy they had a turnkey solution in Richardson - from conceptual design and final artwork to producing both the packaging and display unit, the entire process was efficient and seamless.

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